Make Her Orgasm

By Jack Grave

So one of the questions I get asked a lot by guys is “how can I give a woman intense orgasms?”

And I love when guys ask this question, because unfortunately research shows that most women are not fully satisfied with their sex lives.

I wont’ go into the research here (I do that in my free report), but I think the reason for this is an unwillingness of guys to learn what it really takes to pleasure a woman.

So I love when I get asked the above question, because it shows that the guy who asked it is one of the few who is wanting to learn.

Now, the sheer fact you’re reading this also puts you in the small minority of men who actually do want to learn techniques for giving women intense pleasure, so I’m excited to have you here.

OK, so with that said, what do you need to do to give women more pleasure?

Well the first thing I tell guys is to start doing is the opposite of what comes naturally to them.

Now I know this seems like a strange thing to say, but let me explain…

If most women out there are not satisfied with their sex lives, then that’s a strong indication that what comes naturally to us guys doesn’t work when pleasuring a woman.

Here’s an example…

When you’re in bed with a woman it’s natural to want to get to sex as quickly as possible and then when you get to sex, to start thrusting as fast possible.

Doing this is instinctive and intuitive.

And it’s also what most guys do.

Unfortunately from a woman’s perspective, this approach is rarely the most satisfying.

Unlike men, women need things like the experience to be right, they need to be in the right mood and they want to feel a connection throughout the whole process.

This is why while men watch porn (because all we really need is visual or physical cues) women do things like read erotic novels.

Most women would much rather read an erotic novel than watch porn, because they want to feel the experience.

That’s what enjoyable sex is really about for women.

And once you learn how to set up a powerful experience for a woman, getting her to orgasm is easy, because she’ll want to…  orgasming will be a natural conclusion to the experience you set up.

OK, so how do you do this?

Like I said earlier, do the opposite of what comes naturally…

Instead of rushing towards sex, slow things down.

Take your time during foreplay.

Tease your partner.

Make her work for the next stage of foreplay.

Kiss her lightly for a while before increasing the intensity.

Instead of grabbing her breasts or butt run your finger tips lightly over the whole of her body.

Do counter-intuitive things like this and you’ll begin to stimulate her emotions as well as just the physical.

And when you do this successfully… when you finally get to sex… she’ll be so aroused that it’s not uncommon for her to intensely orgasm within seconds.

Now there are some subtleties to stimulating a woman’s emotions for maximum sexual pleasure that I haven’t had time to discuss here…

And there are some very powerful physical sexual techniques, which when combined with emotional stimulation, lead to truly explosive orgasms that I also haven’t had time to go into.

But if you’d like to learn more of these psychological and physical techniques for getting a woman sexually addicted to you, then come check out this video I’ve made by clicking the image below…

Give Her Intense Orgasms