About Jack Grave

Jack Grave is the author of multiple books and through the various media outlets he’s appeared on he’s touched and helped literally millions of men in improving their dating lives, relationships and sex lives.

His teachings have led to countless success stories, examples include men who have turned around failing marriages, achieved a new-found confidence around women, naturally overcame premature ejaculation and other limiting conditions, and help them give their lovers new levels of sexual satisfaction.

Jack’s Story

Jack became interested in discovering how to make changes in his love life when he got fed up of being socially anxious and consistently failing with women. ┬áBeing cheated on was one of the key turning points in his life that made him determined to figure out how to “be” around women.

After devouring countless books, audio and multi-media programs and attending seminars as well as trying other more “out-there” methods… He eventually developed strategies that helped him turn around his situation, his dating and sex life… and eventually attract the woman of his dreams.

He has since gone on to write multiple books, create multiple training programs that have spawned many of the success stories you can now read on our testimonials page.

Besides developing new products, you’ll also finding him regularly contributing content in the newsletter and on this site as well as supporting the team of experts that make Advice For Him what it is today.