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What we do here is we dig deep into what really works and share advanced techniques for quickly turning around failing sex lives, unsuccessful dating lives and boring or waning relationships.

This isn’t a superficial “glossy magazine” site… We focus on real techniques that get results fast.

Founded by relationship and sex expert Jack Grave – an educator who has touched literally millions of men with his advice, Advice For Him is now an outlet for multiple respected authors, speakers and therapists.

Our Core Philosophy

Everyone at Advice For Him has different perspectives, concepts and strategies for getting results, but one thing we all agree on is this…

You are the one who’s in control of the results you’re currently experiencing.

Whether you’re not getting as much sex as you like, whether you can’t attract the woman of your dreams or whether you’re not performing as well as you’d like in bed…

We believe (know) all these things can be changed, because you are in control.

Most men just don’t realize that they are unconsciously causing these problems to happen, so what we’re here to do is make you conscious of why your relationship, sex life or dating life isn’t quite how you want and show you specific methods and approaches to help you live the life of your dreams.

How We Help You

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