Don't Do This While Getting Busy In Her Backdoor

Don’t Do This While Getting Busy In Her Backdoor

Ask any guy what they think about anal sex and you’re sure to get the same answer: they’d like to give it a go during lovemaking when they get the opportunity. Now let’s say you’ve finally convinced your wife, girlfriend or lover to try it in bed.

What would you do?

Give her an experience that she won’t forget anytime soon, right? But the thing is a lot of men tend to overlook a mistake that can easily ruin the whole thing. And it’s even possible that you fail to notice this one, too.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably have anal sex on your lovemaking bucket list. Besides promising new sensations you’ve never felt before, there’s also something about going in the backdoor that’s particularly exciting to most guys.

So here’s situation a surprisingly large number of men experience…

You’ve finally convinced your lover to have anal sex with you. You’ve already got her in the mood. You have a lot of lubrication ready. You brace yourself for the whole new sexual dimension you’re going to experience and you penetrate her slow and easy…

Then just before you even had the chance to enter your lover anally a quarter of an inch, she unexpectedly tells you that she doesn’t like anal sex and will never try it again, leaving you wondering what the heck just happened.

Well, instead of being frustrated and getting angry at your lover for blowing your chances of finally having anal sex, there’s a likely reason why she suddenly had a change of heart. Let me explain…

You see, even though we are living in an age where sexuality is already becoming more and more liberated, anal sex is still seen as taboo by many women. It’s considered to be something abnormal, unhealthy and even extremely uncomfortable.

And sadly, this is what your lover probably has in mind subconsciously as well.

Fortunately, there is a simple way you can turn things around if you regularly find your lover bailing out of a possible anal sex opportunities…

What you have to do is get her to appreciate and understand that anal sex actually feels good.

Unlike what most guys believe, anal sex is not just about inserting your penis to your partner’s anus. It can still be considered anal sex if you stimulate her anus and its surrounding areas with your fingers, lips and mouth.

Now while this may not sound like the anal sex you’ve always imagined, it gives your lover the chance to acclimatize to the new sensations of having her anus stimulated. Besides allowing your partner to feel the pleasure of having the sensitive nerve endings of her anus excited, it also teases her to go even further.

So if you’re looking to sexually penetrate her in the anus just like you’ve always wanted, you got to first make her feel all the pleasure that she’s missing out on. Build up her sexual tension. Tease her with your fingers, lips and mouth until she practically can’t take it anymore.

It won’t take long until she asks you to give her the “full treatment.” And this simply means going all the way through the backdoor.

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