This Is Why She Doesn't Like Oral Sex Anymore

This Is Why She Doesn’t Like Oral Sex Anymore

Going down on a woman is no doubt a move that you usually bring into play if you are looking to really knock her socks off when the action’s getting pretty steamy in bed.

And if you get it done properly, she won’t easily forget the whole thing, too, which easily earns you a lot of brownie points to make her say yes to more, even wilder, sex. How awesome is that?

However, there’s a big chance that you’re probably making a mistake when you go down on your partner that can easily prevent her from reaching the Big O. Make sure you follow along to find out what this mistake is to really take your cunnilingus skills up a notch…

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I’ve learned that mental cues play a key role when it comes to activating a woman’s orgasmic response during lovemaking. And this also includes oral sex.

Sure it sounds a bit technical, but it basically means that you can use encouraging words to make your lover come when you explore south of her border. This is because her brain will find it easier to stimulate the endocrine glands to produce and release feel-good hormones, which set off the effects in the body that lead to an orgasm.

The more of these hormones are churned out in her system, the easier it will be for her to have an orgasm when you go down on her. Now that we’ve already established the connection between encouraging words and feel-good hormones, here’s the mistake that I was telling you about earlier…

And it’s overdoing the whole thing.

See, no matter how sincere or encouraging your words may be when you’re getting in action during oral sex, repeating them incessantly is just going to have a different effect on your lover. Instead of making her brain stimulate the endocrine glands to churn out feel-good hormones, they’re just going to let loose their negative counterparts.

Besides disrupting the whole sexual arousal process, not mentioning that your partner will find it rather difficult to enjoy cunnilingus, she will also end up feeling impatient and anxious in the process, which will only keep her from getting an orgasm even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

I guess you already have an idea of how your oral sex session will turn out when this happens, right? Just keep in mind to avoid repeating your encouraging words more than you need to while you’re at it and you’re surely good to go.

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