She Won't Be That Eager To Give You Oral Sex When You Do This

She Won’t Be That Eager To Give You Oral Sex When You Do This

Getting head from your wife, girlfriend or lover is not just one of the most pleasurable experiences that you can get in the bedroom, but also a thing that I’m sure you’re always fantasizing about when you and your partner are already at it.

But the thing is she’s still rather hesitant to give oral sex a go no matter how hard you try to convince her. There’s no need to worry, though. We’ll take on the most possible reason why this is so when you follow along…

While browsing my inbox the other day, I stumbled upon a message from Gil who shares he still hasn’t gotten a blowjob from his girlfriend of almost five months until now. Although they regularly have lovemaking sessions, he simply couldn’t convince his partner to go down on him.

No while I pointed out in a previous post that one of the key factors of getting oral action from your wife, girlfriend or lover is keeping your hygiene – especially in the south of your border – up to par, I learned that there is another reason that can prevent her from giving you a blowjob.

Here we go…

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I discovered that women generally don’t run the show when things get hot in the bedroom. They tend to rather go with the flow and let the guys carry out most of the lovemaking action.

But the thing is this doesn’t mean that your wife, girlfriend or lover will just do everything that you want in bed as soon as you suggest it. You’d have to ease your partner into it or else you will have a tricky time convincing her to give the whole thing a go.

And this includes encouraging her to give you head.

Unlike what you see in porn movies, though, doing just that isn’t about making her get down on her knees and pointing to your privates. It actually involves making her think that giving oral sex is pleasurable.

Sure this sounds a bit complicated right now, but I’ve learned a simple way of getting the job done. And this is giving your wife, girlfriend or lover an oral sex session that will knock her socks off each time you go down on her.

I know this is a bit simplistic, but a lot of guys tend to think that going down on their partners is a burden. This mindset doesn’t just significantly affect the way you’re going to give her oral sex, but also disrupt the pleasurable sensations that she could have as you go along.

If you don’t make it a point to give your partner a mind-blowing experience when you give her oral action, then you’re running the risk of subconsciously giving her the message that you’re not enjoying going down on her at all.

Keep in mind to give your wife, girlfriend or lover an oral sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon when you go down on her and you’ll be surprised how much she will want to give it a go the next time things get hot in bed.

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