Don't Forget This When You're Trying To Level Up Your Relationship

Don’t Forget This When You’re Trying To Level Up Your Relationship

Let’s start things off with the awful truth. The friend zone is basically a place you wish you’ll never end up in. It’s where the chance of establishing a romantic relationship with the woman you’ve got your eye on.

Now while the possibility of getting stuck in the friend zone is very real, steering clear from it isn’t that difficult to pull off, too. Why don’t you follow along so I can dish out some useful pointers on how to do this?

Getting stuck in the friend zone is perhaps one of the most frustrating experiences that a guy can ever go through.

So if you’ve already tried lots of times to make her see you more as boyfriend material rather than a best friend, but have so far failed… here are some key pointers that you should keep in mind…

Avoid the Friend Zone Pointer #1: Flirt like you mean it.

A lot of men mistakenly believe that joking around with a woman and flirting is the same thing. Although making her feel comfortable and happy every time she’s with you is definitely a must, you have to be more romantic with her or else your relationship will forever remain friendly and casual.

Unlike what most guys think, getting romantic with a woman isn’t really that tough. Make it a point to make your conversations more amorous. Look into her eyes more often and let her catch you stealing glances. Hold your gaze longer than usual. Simply make her feel that you don’t want to be just her friend anymore.

Avoid the Friend Zone Pointer #2: Stop being Mr. Nice Guy.

It’s really important that you stop treating a woman like your sister if you’re looking to have her as your girlfriend soon. Although it’s critical that she feels always at ease with you, playing Mr. Nice Guy for too long can easily convince her that you’re just in it for the friendship.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be nice to her at all. What I’m driving at is that you should give her the idea that you want something more out of your relationship while being nice at the same time. Still can’t figure out how to start things off? Consider making a few slightly sexual jokes or in an off-handed way mention that you think something about her is sexy.

Avoid the Friend Zone Pointer #3: Did you ask her to a real date already?

Sure you may already have gone with her to countless concerts and other social events for a long time now but she’ll remain seeing you only as a friend if you don’t ask her out on a real date. Just to make things clear, a date is where you can share your true feelings for her and also have a good time while at it.

Making your date successful isn’t that tough, either. Keep in mind that you already know a lot of intimate things about her, especially the ones that make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Use these to your advantage.

Avoid the Friend Zone Pointer #4: Be very conscious of the time you’re wasting.

Your chances of breaking free from the friend zone dwindle each day you wait. It’s either you act as fast as you can or find yourself feeling extremely disappointed and hurt when another man gets her romantically in the long run.

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