How To Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable For Her

How To Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable For Her

If you’re anything like most men, I’m betting that sexually penetrating your wife, girlfriend or lover in the backdoor is a fantasy that you’ve always dreamed about. Well, I couldn’t blame you.

Chances are you keep hearing that anal sex is able to give experiences that you probably haven’t gone through with vaginal sex.

Men who have done it relate that the sensations you experience during anal sex are tighter and more pronounced. Who wouldn’t want to get a piece of that? But the thing is there is a problem a lot of guys overlook when it comes to getting an anal sex session going in the bedroom.

And that is they can’t express how anal sex can be pleasurable for a woman, too. It is even possible that this is the main reason why she doesn’t share your enthusiasm on the subject. Let me explain what I mean…

Now while this may sound surprising, a lot of men fail at convincing their lovers at trying anal sex during lovemaking because they unknowingly make them feel that it’s only going to be pleasurable for the guy.

According to a survey conducted by the Thorne Sociological Institute in Ontario, majority of men simply don’t take the time to describe anal sex as gratifying for their partners. As a result, women tend to think negatively of anal sex and find it extremely hard to try it during lovemaking.

The study also revealed that although women can be as adventurous in the bedroom as guys are, they simply can’t be convinced to try a new sexual experience if they can’t see themselves enjoying it.

In short, if you’re just always begging your partner to give anal sex a try without telling her how she can get pleasure from it, you’ll only end up failing again and again.

Ultimately I think that all of this has to do with a phenomenon called the power of suggestion.

At its simplest, the power of suggestion is basically the act of influencing another person to do, feel or think things differently by implanting subconscious cues on them. You are simply giving a person an idea of what to expect or how things will play out in the end.

It’s similar to asking a person with a phobia of needles how a flu shot feels.  If this person’s description of what it feels like is the only context you have for what it’s like to get a shot that process of suggestion will likely end up influencing the level of discomfort you actually feel when you do get a flu shot.

Depending on how you use it, the power of suggestion can be an amazing thing or a bane of existence…especially when it comes to convincing your partner to try anal sex.

So the next time you’re planning to, let’s say, enter the backdoor, make it a point to remind, describe and convince your lover of all the pleasure she will get from it. (But don’t ever forget to take her pleasure levels through the roof by properly stimulating her erogenous zones first to make things easier for you!)

Instead of just telling your partner that you’ve got lots of lube ready, let her know that more and more women have anal sex on their bedroom checklist because the sensations they experience when doing it are just phenomenal.

Just to set things straight, I’m not saying that the power of suggestion can take effect instantly. Now while it can take a few tries to pull this one off, you’re sure going to take your chances up a notch when you use it to your advantage.

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