Don't Make This Mistake If You'd Like Her To Enjoy Oral Sex

Don’t Make This Mistake If You’d Like Her To Enjoy Oral Sex

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that oral sex plays a key role when it comes to giving a woman an experience in the bedroom she won’t forget anytime soon.

However, I would just like to emphasize a very important point. Oral sex isn’t just about making a beeline to a woman’s vagina and clitoris and going full speed ahead with the stimulation. Let me tell you about something that happened a couple of days back…

I happened to stumble upon a forum run by a so-called “sex guru” over the weekend who gave an oral sex advice that isn’t just ridiculous, but can also easily ruin your lover’s mood in the bedroom if you follow it.

He said that stimulating the clitoris as soon as you get the chance to pleasure it is the best way to pull the whole thing off. According to him, this “shocks” the clitoris upon contact and encourages it to send the brain lots and lots of pleasure messages immediately.

Now while he’s right about the shocking part, I think the one about the pleasure signals is simply outrageous. Let me explain what I mean…

Sure you may already know that the clitoris is an erogenous zone that can give your partner lots of sexual pleasure if stimulated properly, but unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, it’s not a magic button that immediately starts making her feel good if you go at it furiously when the opportunity comes.

See, the clitoris needs to be eased into it or else your lover will feel anything but sexual pleasure when things are getting hot in the bedroom. And here’s the reason why…

At its simplest, the skin basically gets extra sensitive during sexual arousal. Even the sensation of the slightest kiss, caress or nibble on her body gets amplified lots of times, especially on her erogenous zones like the breasts, inner thighs, back of the neck and, of course, the clitoris.

However, compared to other erogenous zones in the female body, the clitoris has a key attribute that can easily give your lover mind-blowing orgasms if you stimulate it the right way. Or perhaps ruin her sexual mood in no time if you do it wrong.

As it turns out, the skin that envelops the clitoris is significantly thinner compared to other erogenous zones. This is what makes it really sensitive because you don’t have to stimulate it as much to excite the nerve endings that are in and around it.

There’s just one big catch though. Unless the clitoris gets all the blood that it needs to send pleasure messages to the brain, it will only feel extremely sore and tender when stimulated, which isn’t the effect you want when you and your lover are getting frisky in bed.

And this is simply what happens if you go straight to the clitoris during foreplay.

So if you’re looking to really get your partner going during sex, make it a point to pleasure her other erogenous zones first as gently and tenderly as you can. You’ll know when to get to her clitoris because she will be the one leading you to it if you play your cards right.

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