She Won't Be Convinced To Go On A Second Date With You If You Do This

She Won’t Be Convinced To Go On A Second Date With You If You Do This

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already gone through a lot of blog posts that supposedly outline the best strategies for you to make a first date as successful as possible. But the thing is most – if not all of them – are saying the same stuff over and over.

However, there is one thing that these posts seem to overlook. What about the mistakes that you should keep clear of to wow your date and make her say yes to Date Number 2? Well, that’s the whole idea of this post right here.

We’re going to talk about a crucial dating mistake that can ruin your chances of scoring a second date shortly…

Acing a first date is no doubt one of the trickiest things to pull off no matter what so-called “dating gurus” are saying these days. There isn’t a magic bullet that will instantly convince the woman you’re going out with that she’s having an awesome being with you and would like to have another date with you again soon.

Now while I’ve emphasized that acing a first date is tricky, doing just that isn’t impossible if you keep some key factors in mind.

And if you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that some of these factors are planning your first date with her, wearing clean shoes as well as being punctual.

But the thing is there is a key mistake a lot of guys tend to make when they’re on a first date with a woman. There’s even a big chance that you’re making this dating no-no yourself that can easily ruin your chances of convincing her to go out with you again.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that making a first date as successful as you can is the top item in your checklist when you’re going out with a woman. You’d like to give her a dating experience so positive that it makes her want to go out with you another time.

It’s really important to take note, though, that pulling the whole thing off basically involves stimulating a woman’s body to produce and release more positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

Besides making her feel more comfortable and relaxed around you during your date, she will also going to be more enthusiastic in terms of engaging in a meaningful discussion with you in the process.

Now we’ve got that covered, here’s the mistake that I was telling you about earlier…

Most men tend to become so eager to ace a first date that they already become so stressed before it even begins. Sure it’s really important that you take care of all the details, but overdoing it is another story.

And it’s sure going to be really obvious to her no matter how hard you try to hide it, too. Apart from acting really awkward, the way you talk and express your ideas will also be compromised when you’re feeling overly stressed on a first date. Come to think of it and put yourself in your date’s shoes for a moment.

Would you still be up for another date if the guy you’re going out with acts and talks like this? Well, I think you already know the answer.

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