Don't Forget To Do This If You're Looking To Warm Her Up In Bed

Don’t Forget To Do This If You’re Looking To Warm Her Up In Bed

So you’re looking to really warm up your wife, girlfriend or lover in the bedroom…

Sure most so-called online sex gurus claim that successfully seducing a woman is a very complicated subject. However, every man can get the job done with ease if they just have the right pointers to guide them. If you’re aiming to take your seduction know-how up a notch, then you’ve come to the right place. I just have the top-notch tips to help you get started as soon as you finish checking out this article.

Don’t forget to thrill her.

Here’s one for adrenaline junkies. Scientific research shows that women seem to become more sexually attracted to a man when they go through an exciting experience together like negotiating hairpin curves in a fast car or crossing a wobbling rope bridge. If you’ve always wanted to get her in bed with you, make your dates more thrilling as soon as you can and get ready for some steamy action in the bedroom!

Learn what really gets her going for action in bed.

Having the ability to think like the woman you are trying to seduce is an advantage that’s guaranteed to get you lucky sooner or later. Make it a point to learn the things that turn her on and use them to your advantage the next time you take her out. Give her the notion that you are the dreamiest guy she has ever met and chances are she won’t be that shy to sleep with you anytime soon.

Use reverse psychology on her.

A woman unconsciously shows that she’s interested in you when she is already the one initiating physical contact while you are together. Be it a slight tap on the wrist or a fleeting touch on your shoulder, it’s your cue that she’s ready to take things to a whole new level. The best way to use it to your seduction advantage? Don’t take this as a go signal that she’s willing to have sex with you. Use reverse psychology and make it look like you’re just taking things slow and easy. Next thing you know, she’s the one leading you to bed.

Confidence plays a very important role.

Members of the opposite sex find confidence as one of the sexiest traits ever. If you’re looking to seduce the girl of your dreams, you have to demonstrate how self-confident you are at all times to achieve the best results. Make it a point to greet waiters like you’ve known them for years and smile at people you meet when you go out on a date. A word of caution though: don’t overdo the whole confidence thing or else you might give her the wrong message in the process, or “looking like a jerk” in other words. Just keep it cool and you’re good to go.

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