This Is A Commonly Overlooked Erogenous Zone

This Is A Commonly Overlooked Erogenous Zone

Erogenous zones are areas of your lover’s body that create electrifying sensations when properly stimulated. But the thing is it’s still very possible that there are some sexually sensitive areas that you may be overlooking when things get hot in the bedroom up until now.

Now while you probably know that caressing your partner’s breasts or nibbling at her neck can warm her up for sex, there are also other erogenous zones that you should explore to get her going for lovemaking.

Tantalize your lover the next time things get hot in the bedroom by focusing on these not so common erogenous zones. Make sure you follow along to find out what these are and wow her even more during lovemaking…

The lips are more than just for smooching.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably skip on the kissing part and immediately get to the main event when things get hot between the sheets. Now while this may sound surprising, the nerve endings that make the lips extra sensitive to hot and cold also make them very receptive to even the slightest stimulation. Make sure you spend at least a few minutes of continuous kissing to powerfully fire up your lover in bed.

Her belly deserves some sexy time, too.

The abdominal muscles in the stomach don’t just give ticklish sensations when stimulated but also a feeling of anticipation in most women. Taking time to lick or gently caress her stomach with your fingertips not only makes her feel playful but can also help make her wet and more prepared for sex.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the way you stimulate the stomach. Besides kissing and stroking, it’s also a smart idea to use a few kinky props while you’re at it. Running a feather along her stomach or spreading whipped cream all over her tummy and eating it is sure to boost her sexual excitement.

Give her scalp the attention it needs.

Have you ever had that tingly feeling when you slowly massage your scalp while shampooing? Make it a point to integrate the same during foreplay with your lover and you’re guaranteed to warm her up very quickly.

The scalp is loaded with nerve endings that release large amounts of serotonin and dopamine help improve a woman’s mood. Stimulating it also speeds up blood flow in a woman’s body, which makes it easier for your lover to become sexually aroused and get ready for sex.

Try the spot behind her knees.

Women are very sensitive to ticklish sensations. It can either make them feel happy or crank up their sexual arousal. Although a lot of guys think that the most ticklish parts of a woman’s body are the armpits and the soles of her feet, the patch of skin behind the knees is an erogenous zone most men miss out on.

Focusing behind the knees during foreplay sets off a lot of nerve endings, which give the same effect as the ones located in the clitoris if stimulated properly. One way to pull this off is by lightly touching or kissing it gently. Don’t hesitate to give the kneecaps a bit of stimulation as well when you can to vary the sensations your partner experiences.

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