This Mistake Can Make Breast Stimulation Uncomfortable For Her

This Mistake Can Make Breast Stimulation Uncomfortable For Her

So here’s the thing…

Stimulating a woman’s breasts plays a crucial role when it comes to making her really enjoy a sex session. Knowing how to pull this off can either make or break her overall satisfaction when things get hot in the bedroom.

And a lot of men make the mistake of making a beeline to the breasts and stimulating them like crazy. Sure this move may look pleasurable for women in porn flicks, but it’s just the exact opposite in real life – which is why you shouldn’t try to copy them.

A lot of guys underestimate the power of breast stimulation when it comes to warming up a woman in bed.  Besides being filled with sensitive nerve endings that can easily give her intense sexual excitement, knowing how to stimulate your lover’s breasts also makes it easier for her to become naturally lubricated.

Don’t just go straight to her vagina the next time things get hot in the bedroom. Give your lover’s breasts the attention that they truly deserve to really fire her up. Here are a few breast stimulation techniques that are sure to have her melting in your arms easily…

One, ask her how you should do the whole thing.

Not all breasts are the same. Apart from the size and shape, women also have varying preferences on how they’d like to get theirs stimulated. Just because you were able to pleasure an ex using certain techniques doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to elicit the same reaction with your current lover.

Your partner may want it soft and tender or perhaps rough and wild. Asking her before you get into action can easily mean the difference between awesome breast stimulation and bad breast stimulation.

Second, always remember to be gentle.

Don’t go attacking your lover’s breasts like a madman. Avoid kneading or grabbing them as soon as they are exposed. Always keep in mind that her breasts share a common denominator with her vagina…stimulating them forcefully without building up her sexual arousal first won’t give her any pleasure at all no matter how hard you try.

The best way to start is by outlining her breasts with your fingers. Lightly run your fingertips all over her breasts to make them feel tingly. Gauge her reactions when you move your fingers or stimulate a certain place. Keep clear of her nipples early on to really keep her on her toes in anticipation. This leads me to…

Third, be a tease.

The nipples are the most sensitive areas of her breasts and diving straight into them will significantly decrease the pleasure your lover will get compared to if you take your time. Always keep in mind to avoid having any physical contact with her nipples for the first few minutes of breast stimulation to really build that anticipation.

However, one thing you can do to her nipples is breathe on them in a very provocative way. Not only you will take your lover on the brink of sexual frenzy, but you’ll also stimulate her nipples properly without even touching them. Now while this may take a lot of self-control, the rewards are well worth in the end.

Fourth, go full throttle.

If you’ve played your cards right, your lover will just be brimming with sexual anticipation by this time. This is where you show all her all the tricks in your book. Get a bit rough if she wants to. Channel your inner kinkiness. Don’t hesitate to really let yourself go. You’ve earned it.

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