Always Keep Clear From This Anal Sex Mistake

Always Keep Clear From This Anal Sex Mistake

Women generally aren’t as accommodating when it comes to anal sex as compared to its missionary and reverse cowgirl counterparts due to the stigma that it involves a lot of pain and is only pleasurable to men.

Contrary to popular belief, however, anal sex doesn’t have to be painful and can give women the sexual satisfaction they need if you just have the proper know-how. Check out the rest of this article right away and learn how to make your wife or girlfriend look forward to be penetrated through the “backdoor” in one easy read.

Kick things off with oral action.

Perhaps the best way to make your partner more receptive to anal sex is giving her a rim job, particularly the act of licking or stimulating the outer edges of the anus using your tongue. Apart from introducing your wife or girlfriend to the amazing sensations she can get from anal sex, doing it orally for the first few times is not as invasive as using your penis or fingers to penetrate her when the opportunity presents itself.

Let her take the lead.

Sure you may have plenty of lubrication on hand to get into action but it still doesn’t give you the green light to shove your penis inside your partner’s anus right then and there. The best way to penetrate your wife or girlfriend anally without her having to go through a lot of discomfort is to let her guide your penis in so she can gauge how much she can take at one time. Once you’ve got a rhythm going, thrust slowly at one inch intervals and pull out after two to three seconds. Repeat the process until you’re completely in and you’re good to go.

Slow and gentle is the way to go.

No matter how relaxed and comfortable you think she may be while engaging in anal sex, don’t go for the porn star route and pound her like crazy. While this may sound rather odd, there are actually multiple sphincters (the muscles responsible for the tickling sensation during anal sex) in the anus. As long as you keep your thrusts slow and gentle the whole time, you can ensure that she will find the experience as pleasurable as possible.

Never try Ass-To-Vagina (ATV)!

The anus harbors a bevy of bacteria that could cause serious infections if you deliberately stick your penis in her vagina after a bout of anal sex. It doesn’t matter how clean you think your member is. If you just penetrated her through the backdoor, then you’re not allowed to come knocking out front until you’ve cleaned up or changed your condom.

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