A Quick Confidence Booster You Can Use During A First Date

A Quick Confidence Booster You Can Use During A First Date

Sure you may have heard time and again that confidence is the single most attractive asset a man can possess. While your chances of hitting it off with a girl can greatly depend on how confident you are when approaching her, actually getting the confidence you need is easier said than done.

If you feel really intimidated around pretty girls or perhaps have the state of mind that you don’t have any business being with an attractive member of the opposite sex in the first place, there’s no need to worry just yet. I’ll show you a few superb pointers that can help take your confidence level up a notch and finally score you that dream date you’ve always wanted without a fuss.

Positive thinking should be your top priority.

Anticipating that something will go wrong even before you start chatting with a girl you like is the number one deal breaker when it comes to building confidence. Although having a case of the jitters during a first date or social mixer is quite normal, becoming too anxious can be deadly for your confidence. Just remember that bad things do happen unexpectedly but they’re never as bigger deal as you anticipate and don’t let them stop you from being the cool guy that you really are. (Just to make things more interesting, positive thinking also helps you last longer in bed, too.)

Smell and look like a million bucks.

Taking time to prep up before meeting the ladies is a habit that you should get into if you’re aiming to become more confident around them. Apart from improving your self-esteem almost instantly because you know that you smell and look good, women also have a soft spot for men who are quite meticulous with the visual and nasal cues that they send out.

Don’t put yourself down.

If you always assume that other men have something you don’t, be it physical or immaterial in nature, chances are this will also reflect in the women you come in contact with. The sad thing is you’ll just end up repelling them instead of creating a connection. Rather than getting frustrated that you’re not as tall as that other guy or as wealthy, keep in mind that you also have a number of positive attributes that make you very special. Just focus on those and you’ll feel a lot more confident.

Ooze with positive confidence.

Confidence is not just something you should exude of when being around the woman you like. You should also demonstrate it during other life situations that call for self-esteem to get the job done. Got lost while driving to a friend’s place? Don’t be afraid to ask for directions. Is it your first time grabbing a cup of your favorite brew at a new coffee shop? Smile and say hi to the waiter like you’ve been a customer for years.

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