One Simple Trick To Make Breast Stimulation Awesome For Her

One Simple Trick To Make Breast Stimulation Awesome For Her

The breasts are perhaps one of the most mysterious parts of the female anatomy. For centuries, we seem to be infatuated with them from the moment we were born to the day we reach the sunset of our lives.

If you’re looking to up the ante on your breast stimulation skills, then this is the place to be. I will show you a few tips that will definitely get the job done for you.

Make her really, really comfy.

Don’t just start licking or caressing her breasts as soon as things get steamy in the bedroom. Make it a point that she is in a very comfortable position before you get into action to ensure that the mood won’t be ruined anytime soon when she feels a crick or a sore spot along the way. Don’t scrimp on the pillows and remember to keep the bed as cozy as you can in the process as well.

Ever heard of multitasking in the bedroom?

Stimulating your wife’s or girlfriend’s breasts from all directions is absolutely the best option you can go for to make her putty in your hands in no time at all. It’s not enough that you just kiss or tease one breast and leave one idle. Pleasure the both of them from all directions at once and she’ll be begging for mercy after a few minutes. Just keep your mouth and the both of your arms busy at all times and you’re good to go.

Go slow and easy, but very keen on knocking her socks off.

Starting out gently and keeping it that way until you take your lovemaking session to a whole new level is key to stimulating your partner’s breasts successfully. While it is recommended to apply a consistent amount of pressure to the nipples and around the area of the areola using your lips and tongue, ease up a bit when you feel her pulling away even so slightly. Keep abreast of her body language (pun intended) and you’re guaranteed to keep her on her toes while at it.

Ask her inputs as you go along.

When in doubt, ask her how she wants her breasts to be stimulated. Although taking the lead when it comes to sex is a turn on for most women, letting her call the shots when you pleasure her boobs is an advantage when you’ve already used all the tricks in the book. You will never know when you’ll whip out the whipped cream and other kinky stuff, too.

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