Why Your Erections Are Getting Weaker And Weaker These Days

Why Your Erections Are Getting Weaker And Weaker These Days

So here’s the thing…

Enhancing your erection is not as complicated as what some so-called “online sex gurus” make you believe.

While getting access to pills and various pharmaceutical products has become the norm for most men nowadays when it comes to holding back erectile dysfunction, there are actually natural (and very effective) methods to rise up to the occasion when you need it.

If you’re looking to learn the secrets of getting your member up and ready each and every time without putting yourself at risk of serious side effects or health complications, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here are the 5 things you need to take note of to effectively protect your ability to go “hardcore” without a hitch:

Make exercise a mainstay in your schedule. Having a sedentary lifestyle is the biggest deal breaker when it comes to achieving an erection when the opportunity for a sexual encounter presents itself. Besides putting you at risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke and a bevy of other health issues that can reduce your longevity, your ability to get a stiff one will also be compromised if you can’t remember the last time you put on your walking shoes.

Ease up on the smoking and drinking. Believe it or not, overindulging in your favorite brew and cigarettes can take a toll on your erection sooner or later. Drinking and smoking too much won’t just constrict your blood vessels that are responsible for achieving an erection but will also affect your bedroom endurance as well. Although research shows that enjoying a glass of red wine or beer can make the heart stronger, ticking off smoking on your list as soon as possible is the best way to go.

Give yourself time to relax and have fun. Remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Apparently, it also makes Jack rather impotent as well. Although minimal levels of stress can help you make better decisions and solve problems with ease, having too much can disrupt your body’s ability to become fully sexually aroused. Sure you can still have an erection when you’re stressed but chances are you’re not going to maintain it long enough to successfully penetrate your partner.

Stay clear from “proven” ED drugs. It’s not uncommon to see a plethora of pharmaceutical products distributed commercially these days that are specifically manufactured to combat erectile dysfunction. They may give faster results but the downside is you don’t know what their side effects are until they manifest sooner or later. Known negative secondary responses to ED drugs include spiraling testosterone levels and mood swings. You can also add low sex drive and the inability to think clearly to the list, too.

Give your PC muscle the workout it needs. While it is more popularly known as the muscle that helps prevent incontinence, flexing your pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle won’t just lead to stronger and longer erections but also extends your bedroom playing time easily. You only have to exercise it for a couple of minutes a day and you’re done. How easy is that?

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