She Won't Enjoy Anal Sex When You Do This

She Won’t Enjoy Anal Sex When You Do This

If you’re anything like most men, then you’ve definitely fantasized about getting some backdoor action from your wife, girlfriend or lover more times than you’d care to mention. However, if you’re like most men, chances are you’re also having a really tough time making her enjoy anal sex like she should.

Sure, successfully winning over your partner to become more adventurous in the bedroom and enjoy anal sex can be quite a challenge but pulling it off isn’t an impossible feat either. Follow along on to find out some key mistakes that can ruin the experience for your partner.

You don’t communicate as much as you need to.

Asking her nicely is perhaps the first thing you should do to convince your wife or girlfriend to let you in the backdoor. Just sneaking your penis into her anus the next time you’re going at it is not just downright rude and is definitely the best way to blow your chances of getting any anal action ever.

Keep in mind to learn the reasons why she isn’t as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to anal sex. Perhaps she’s already had a bad experience with it or she’s very afraid of the rather uncomfortable sensations involved. Don’t rush her into doing anal, too. If she says yes, good. If she says no, however, there’s always a next time.

You don’t give her anus the TLC that it deserves in the bedroom.

Gauging her reaction if she might be into anal sex is not as complicated as you think. Make sure you stimulate the edges of her anus the next time you go down on your partner. If her moans get deeper and her hips gyrate more excitedly, then perhaps you’ve got a chance of getting lucky.

On the other hand, if she’s suddenly become silent, it’s time to stop. She might be anxious about the whole thing. Always remember that unless she’s ready to receive you anally, her sphincter wouldn’t budge and you’ll just waste a lot of time (sexy time, mind you) trying to get your penis in her anus.

(Here’s another lesser known erogenous zone you should stimulate, too.)

You’re being rather bossy to her while at it.

Acting like a drill sergeant when you are trying to win her over to have anal sex with you is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. Apart from only making her anticipate that she won’t be enjoying the experience, your wife or girlfriend will just think that you’ll be forcing her to do sexual things she doesn’t like in the process as well.

If there’s a time to become super patient with your partner, this is absolutely it. Some women see anal sex as taboo. While being firm and assertive with your suggestions is a plus, overdoing it can lead to disaster. Just keep it cool and who knows? You might just get lucky tonight.

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