How To Make Her Feel More Relaxed During A First Date

How To Make Her Feel More Relaxed During A First Date

So you’ve finally got the chance to go on a first date with the girl of your dreams. Now what? Having a successful one isn’t just pure luck. It’s a form of art.

If you’re still wracking your brains on how you’re going to get the job done on the ever-intimidating first date, I’ll show you the tips and tricks that are guaranteed to sweep your date off her feet and earn you a second romantic rendezvous – or even more – in no time at all.

Confidence is key. When it comes to first dates, having enough confidence (or the lack of it) can instantly make or break your chances of taking her out again soon. Sure a first date can be very intimidating but keep in mind that she agreed to go out with you in the first place. Isn’t that something to be proud of already?

Get your details in place. Women hate going out with wimpy men who always ask them what to do. Make sure you’ve got your first date all figured out right to the smallest details to avoid giving her the impression that you don’t have the initiative. Keep it as relaxed as possible, too, so stay away from four-course dinners and similar options that could feel very committal. While staying gentle and courteous with your date is a priority at all times, it is also a must that you show her that you’re always in control of the situation.

Prepare adequately. Visual and nasal cues are the strongest stimuli in the opposite sex. This means that how you look and smell during your first date can be either your ticket to another night out with her some other time or the end of the line. Remember to take a shower, shave off that rather unkempt stubble, splash on some deodorant as well as put on real clothes instead of that Metallica-Rules-tee-and-jeans combo you may have been wearing since college days and you’re good to go.

Boost her self-confidence. Your date has just spent a long time getting ready and it’s not enough that you know you’re going out with a beautiful woman. Instead, you have to tell her how amazing she looks. Sincerely complimenting her on the things that she obviously took time and effort with like her hair, clothes and shoes won’t just make her feel appreciated but eases a lot of the first date jitters as well. Keep in mind not to butter her up just for the sake of complimenting or else she’ll see through your ruse and take them as lies.

Kick off your conversation properly. You don’t have to lie about your job or the books you’ve read to impress a woman on your first date. Knowing how to listen carefully to what she’s saying and remembering the key details already makes her feel more comfortable spending time with you. Once you are able to successfully change the atmosphere to a “date” rather than an “interview,” you’re definitely in for more exciting possibilities soon.

Take things slow and easy. Having a first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re already on your way to a more serious romantic relationship with the girl of your dreams. Avoid rushing things. Do not be overconfident that she’s really into you. Let her initiate the first kiss. Let her be the one inviting you over at her place for a nightcap. Always wait for her lead or else you’ll be sorry.

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