This Seemingly Innocent Mistake Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

This Seemingly Innocent Mistake Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s get straight to the real deal…

If you think you’re a having a tough time “rising up to the occasion” when it comes to getting between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend these days, then this is the place to be. Besides from showing you totally natural (and very effective) tips that are guaranteed to help you keep erectile dysfunction at bay, I will also throw in a secret that is sure to give you longer and harder erections without a fuss.

Erectile Dysfunction 101

In a nutshell, erectile dysfunction or impotence is basically the inability to achieve an erection or keep one going long enough to successfully penetrate your partner during sexual intercourse. It is a surprisingly common sexual disorder among adult men around the world and happens to almost every guy – even if only temporarily – at some point in their lives.

Besides preventing you from doing the deed with your wife or girlfriend, erectile dysfunction also can also cause a number of psychological issues that can range from the loss of self-confidence to severe anxiety attacks if ignored. If you’re looking to shake off erectile dysfunction as soon as possible and bring back the fireworks in the bedroom, here are the things that you should take note of right away:

Get rid of the excess pounds. Being overweight doesn’t just make you a strong contender for developing serious diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular problems. It can also significantly reduce blood flow to your penis and can make achieving an erection difficult or even impossible. Make sure you cut back on sweets and fatty foods and load up on fruits and vegetables instead – not mentioning boosting your fiber intake. Exercising for a minimum of an hour or so twice a week greatly helps speed up the weight loss process, too.

Drink moderately and kick the smoking habit. Having one too many drinks each day and smoking like a chimney won’t just put your vital organs at risk of breaking down sooner or later but also constricts your blood vessels. Since the penis needs an ample supply of blood flowing to achieve erection…well, you get the picture. Limit your alcohol intake to a glass of wine or a bottle of beer daily and you’re good to go. As for smoking, just kick the habit as soon as you can.

Regularly get rid of negative stress. Experiencing too much stress daily can take its toll on your ability to get an erection, not mentioning a whole plethora of other health problems. Whether it’s physical or psychological stress, having too much of it won’t just make your next bedroom party for two a dud but can also potentially cause high blood pressure, migraines as well as gastrointestinal issues. Do not get too emotionally attached to your work or other obligations. When you’re feeling a bit too choked up at the office, taking a vacation can do wonders.

Exercise your PC muscle. There’s no need to worry just yet if you’ve already had an episode of erectile dysfunction or two. Just as I have pointed out earlier, it’s natural for men to go through the experience as long as it doesn’t happen every time you’re getting ready for a lovemaking session. One possible reason is maybe you’re not just exercising your PC muscle regularly. Make that a daily habit and you won’t just get harder and longer erections but orgasms that are out of this world, too!

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