So You Want To Ace Your Next First Date...

So You Want To Ace Your Next First Date…

Nothing beats the first date when it comes to striking fear and panic in the hearts of hopeful men the world over. While taking a girl on a date can be fun and exciting, it can be also quite stressful trying to make a good first impression to make her go out with you a second time.

If you’re looking to take your know-how on first dates up a notch, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll show you a few tricks that will definitely help you establish a romantic connection with the girl you’re out with right off the bat and guarantee a second date easily. Make sure you check out the following tips and pointers to start revolutionizing your dating playbook in no time at all:

Your grooming is crucial. How you look in the mirror can significantly affect your mood and behavior during a date. Taking time to prep yourself up more than the usual before the event won’t just boost your confidence but will also make you appear more desirable to your date.

Apart from having a good shave and giving your hair and nails a decent trim, make sure you go for clothes that you’re comfortable wearing to avoid looking stiff and awkward. Spritz on a bit of perfume just to wrap things up and you’re good to go.

Pick the right location. Just like in real estate, choosing the right location for your first date is a priority. Go for a place that you think will be enjoyable for the both of you and also allows you to talk comfortably with each other. While this may sound rather odd, avoid taking her to dinner in a fancy restaurant since it would turn out more to be an interview instead of a date.

Movies are out of the list as well since you won’t be able to get to know her better while sitting through the majority of your time in silence. Take her to the park, a museum or someplace else where the view is fantastic and you’re sure to hit it right off then and there.

Chivalry isn’t dead. Keep in mind that sweating out on the little things that you do (or don’t do) for your date can be a crucial factor on how it all turns out in the end. Remember to keep doors open for her and hold out your date’s chair to help her sit comfortably. Don’t forget to give her sincere compliments about the things she obviously took time and effort with like her hair and the clothes she’s wearing.

Make her feel like a princess right from the moment you pick her up to the time you walk her right to her door and you’re sure to be invited in for a nightcap – or even something more intimate – in a pinch.

Listen to her intently. Women have a soft spot for men who know how to listen to what they are saying and actively ask questions during a conversation. You don’t have to talk about serious stuff, too. Make it a point to go for topics that are fun and interesting.

Steer clear from subjects that you don’t know about or those that can potentially put you on the hot seat like politics, religion or the current economic situation in Mogadishu. Pro-tip: never interrupt your date when she’s sharing personal things or else she might see it as something rude and then it’s game over.

Show initiative. Showing the girl you’re out with how confident and smart you are during your date instead of just talking about it is definitely an instant turn on. Offer to pay for everything and never send out even the slightest gesture that you’d like to split the bill.

While there might be a few things that won’t go as planned, keeping your first date well-organized while being very enjoyable at the same time certainly earns you a second one. Ditch the 3-day rule, too. Tell your date how much you’ve enjoyed her company on your way home and don’t hesitate to say that you’d like to see her again. Chances are you’ll go a long way, buddy.

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