What To Do When She's Not That Responsive To Oral Sex

What To Do When She’s Not That Responsive To Oral Sex

If you can’t remember the last time or still have not given your wife or girlfriend oral sex when you’re getting intimate in the bedroom, you’re definitely missing out a lot. Apart from being a great form of foreplay that’s guaranteed to take your partner to the point of no return over and over again if done properly, stimulating her down there also helps you last longer the next time you get between the sheets.

Contrary to popular belief, giving a woman unforgettable oral sex each and every time is not as complicated as you think. If you’re still having a tough time taking your ability to go down on your wife or girlfriend up a notch, I have just the best oral sex tips to help you get the job done without a fuss.

Wow her like never before when you use the following on your next, let’s say, “oral exam:”

Slow is the way to go. Cunnilingus (yes, that’s the proper term for oral sex on women) is not about yanking down your partner’s underwear and going at it like there’s no tomorrow. Make sure you warm her up first by giving attention to the rest of her body before you get to her vagina and clitoris. Taking time to stimulate her other erogenous zones ensures that she’ll be hot and ready when you get into action.

Let her guide you. If you’re not sure how your wife or girlfriend wants to be stimulated down there, don’t be afraid to ask. Most guys tend to avoid asking questions while doing the deed since they don’t want to come off sounding inexperienced when it comes to oral sex. Women have different preferences on cunnilingus and you might just make your partner uncomfortable in the process without the right information. Always remember that if you’re in doubt, just ask away and you’re good to go.

Gentleness is key. At its simplest, the clitoris is a bud-like formation located at the tip of the vagina packed with thousands of sensitive nerve endings. Unless your wife or girlfriend asks otherwise, make it a point to start stimulating it gently, slowly building up speed and intensity as you go. Just to be extra safe, avoid directly licking or stroking the clitoris just until your partner is fully aroused due to its very sensitive nature.

Learn to enjoy the experience. Don’t consider going down on your wife or girlfriend as a favor – or worse, as a burden you have to go through just to penetrate her sooner or later. Keep in mind that the more comfortable you are at doing it, the more likely you are to give her an orgasm.

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