Here's One Spot That Will Really Make Her Feel Hot In Bed

Here’s One Spot That Will Really Make Her Feel Hot In Bed

October 7, 2016  |  Give Women More Sexual Pleasure

The G-spot has always been one of the most mysterious sources of sexual satisfaction for women. While some experts say that it is only an imagined part of the female genitalia, others strongly believe that the G-spot has always been there since the beginning of our species ready to give mind-shattering orgasms when properly stimulated.

Whether or not you’re a believer of the G-spot, make sure you check out the rest of this article to find out more about this hotly debated pleasure button. To make things even better, I’ve also included a few tips and tricks to help you give your partner the best sexual experience just in case you find it quickly.

So what’s the G-spot anyway?

Although there is no proper scientific documentation available that proves its existence, the G-spot is believed to be a spongy yet very rough bean-shaped area in the front wall of the vagina. “Discovered” by Ernst Gräfenberg – hence the “G” in G-spot – almost three decades back, it is supposed to be a highly erogenous zone that can give women heightened levels of sexual arousal and extraordinary orgasms if stimulated correctly.

How to “spot” it

Regardless of its exact location, some experts say that the G-spot can be reached by inserting a finger (be sure to keep those fingernails trimmed and clean to avoid ruining the mood) about two to three inches inside the vagina until you can feel a muscular wall. Make sure you’re doing this while a woman is sexually excited since it tends to swell up in size due to increased blood flow, significantly reducing the need to hunt for this rather elusive natural orgasm switch. Crook your finger in a “come hither” gesture and if all goes to plan, congratulations! You’ve located the G-spot.

G-spot stimulation techniques

G-spot stimulation can be done in a variety of ways depending on how your partner wants to be pleasured or your mood as a couple. Whether you’re planning to use the power of the G-spot in foreplay or intercourse, here are just some of the methods you can use to make this super arousal button work for you in no time at all:

  • Put the right amount of pressure. While making contact with the G-spot is already a surefire way to make her tingle all over, applying direct pressure to her lower abdomen at the same time can amplify the pleasure scale tenfold. Change up the amount of pressure you’re applying from time to time to take the experience further up a notch.
  • Let her on top. The cowgirl is perhaps the best position to go for when zeroing in on and stimulating the G-spot. All you need to do is let your partner mount you and help her maneuver forward and back until you hit the sweet spot with your penis. When you do find it, your member gets the rest of the job done while you enjoy the rest of the ride.
  • Use your pelvic muscles. There are two great reasons why you should do the Kegel exercise daily: first, it tightens your pelvic muscles to ensure that you’ll have explosive orgasms every time you get under the sheets and second, you can make your penis firmer and perkier all the while making it more flexible, so you won’t have trouble scoring a direct hit on the G-spot with each thrust. Now that we’ve already got all the necessary bases covered, why not take all of these tips for a spin right now?

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