One Key Mistake That Will Ruin Her Chances Of Coming During Sex

One Key Mistake That Will Ruin Her Chances Of Coming During Sex

If you’ve ever felt flustered, inadequate and simply not up to par when the opportunity for intercourse presents itself, then you have definitely experienced sexual performance anxiety.

And if you’re dreading the thought of going through it again there’s no need to worry just yet. You’ll get the complete lowdown on how to eliminate sexual performance anxiety as soon as you finish giving this article a thorough read-through.

So what’s sexual performance anxiety anyway?

Sexual performance anxiety is basically a form of negative emotion in which a person thinks that the consequences of a sexual encounter are going to be disastrous. The most common example among men is the thought that they may have an insufficient penile length and girth or sexual stamina that won’t possibly satisfy a willing partner and as for women, the lack of performance under the sheets that could lead to the displeasure of the opposite sex.

There is no specific gender, personality type, age, race and educational attainment when sexual performance anxiety is concerned. Those who are struggling to cope with this disorder are generally afraid of losing the affection and respect that they receive from their partners due to their supposed shortcomings in the bedroom. If not addressed right away, it can lead to even more severe sexual issues sooner or later.

How to get rid of it

Although it may not sound as dramatic as other anxiety disorders, sexual performance anxiety can cause a variety of problems ranging from the development of low self-esteem, the deterioration of romantic relationships, coital dysfunction like premature ejaculation, lack of desire for sex and difficulty maintaining an erection, as well the fear of having future sexual experiences.

Now that may sound a bit scary but there are ways you can easily eliminate sexual performance anxiety. Here are just some of the most practical methods you can use to bring back your sexual vigor and confidence:

  • How’s your life outside the bedroom? Have you recently reflected whether or not you are living a stressful life? Stress can come in different forms, particularly in the guise of too much work, too much caffeine, too much tobacco and too much alcohol. Moreover, stress can warp your mindset when it comes to sexual pleasure and you might just view it as another item on your day’s to-do list. Try to remove as much stress factors in your life and you’ll be soon seeing positive changes.
  • Work out more. Did you know that exercising regularly not only makes you healthier but also promotes a significant lessening of tension in your body, including sexual performance anxiety? Make it a point to start an exercise routine that suits you as soon as possible to get the results you’ve always wanted. As a bonus, if you’re single you’ll increase your chances with the opposite sex as soon as they see your sexy new physique.
  • Positivity is key. The human mind is so awesome that you can program it to make your future sexual experiences either award-winning or rather horrible. If you pre-condition your mind that you’re going to perform poorly the next time you get intimate with your partner in the bedroom, chances are you’re going to do just that. Just remember to relax and think positive when doing the deed and you’re sure to take sexual pleasure up a notch.

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