Always Keep This In Mind When You're In The Mood For Anal Action

Always Keep This In Mind When You’re In The Mood For Anal Action

Ah, anal sex.

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that you’d like to experience penetrating your wife, girlfriend or lover from the backdoor. Besides the promise of new sensations that you’ve never felt before, having the chance to pleasure her from behind also makes you feel really macho.

And now here’s the thing…

After a long time, you’ve finally convinced your partner to have anal sex with you, but the problem is you don’t have an idea where to start. Make sure you follow along to learn about a very important thing that you should keep in mind when you’re looking to get an anal sex session going.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, anal sex isn’t done like you see in porn movies. Sure the idea is still the same, but immediately zeroing in on a woman’s anus and pounding it like there’s no tomorrow as soon as you get the chance will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable to the point of pain.

And you already have a preview of how your anal sex session will turn out when she feels this way.

Before we get to the thing that I was telling you about earlier, it’s very important to take note that the anus is not capable of producing its own natural lubrication like the vagina does. So if you’re looking to sexually penetrate your partner in the backdoor, having lots of lube on hand is a must or else things won’t go like you expected.

Don’t hold back on the amount that you use while you’re at it, too. The more lube you use, the smoother your anal sex session will become. And make it a point to re-apply as soon as you feel that things aren’t as smooth as they used to.

Now here’s the thing that I was telling you about…

When you’re already prepped up for anal sex, keep in mind to only start penetrating your wife, girlfriend or lover in the anus bit by bit and not try shoving your whole penis in one go. This is to gauge her comfort while you’re doing it.

If she doesn’t ask you to stop when you’ve penetrated her in some degree, push it in some more. Do this until you are completely pumping away. Keep in mind to immediately stop as soon as she says so or else her sexual arousal will be affected.

That can mean your anal sex session will end prematurely and you don’t want that to happen, do you?

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