Why Masturbation Is Getting Boring For You These Days

Why Masturbation Is Getting Boring For You These Days

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that you’re no stranger to masturbation. There’s even a chance that you’ve just finished “doing the backstroke roulette” or perhaps planning to “crank your shank” later.

Besides giving you loads and loads of pleasurable sensations, masturbation also has a lot of key benefits that help take your performance in bed up a notch, the most prominent of which is staving off premature ejaculation.

See, the brain activates the body to churn out a more than usual amount of positive hormones and neurotransmitters as soon as it detects a stimulus that gets your sexual arousal going. It could be seeing something suggestive, getting a whiff of a scent that you consider erotic or perhaps being stimulated in a risqué way.

These neurotransmitters and hormones set off prominent yet temporary changes in the body when they get released. Apart from picking up the heart and breathing rates, they also make the skin more sensitive to stimulation and direct more blood flow to the erectile tissues in the penis to get you rock hard.

When these positive hormones and neurotransmitters reach their peak levels as you go along in the bedroom, the brain almost immediately triggers your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses. You can easily think of masturbation as “practice” to avoid coming way too soon when you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are at it.

But here’s the thing…

You’re simply noticing that your masturbation sessions aren’t as pleasurable and exciting like they used to. Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, though, this doesn’t mean that your days of enjoying them are over.

Chances are you just need to jazz up your techniques the next time you do a “one-man show” and I’ve picked up a pointer during my extensive research into the male sexuality that you’re sure to find useful…

It’s not uncommon that you use your dominant hand when you masturbate for maximum control and stimulation. And there will come a time that you’ll become quite familiar with the sensations that you experience when you “plunk your twanger” with it.

On your next masturbation session, make it a point to use your non-dominant – in short, the other hand – to stimulate your penis. Apart from experiencing new sensations while you do it, you’ll also have the notion that the whole thing is being done by another person in the process.

How’s that to help bolster your erotic fantasies through the off?

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