She's Really Going To Feel Comfortable Around You With This Tip

She’s Really Going To Feel Comfortable Around You With This Tip

If you’re anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that scoring a second date is your top priority when you’re going out with a woman for the very first time. And unlike what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying, you can’t pull this off at the drop of a hat.

Don’t go for ridiculous tips like showing up on your first date wearing the loudest clothes you can find to supposedly give her the notion that she should give her complete attention to you or perhaps act like the alpha male – meaning as obnoxious as you can – to make her feel safe and protected.

Put yourself in a woman’s shoes for a bit. How would you think your first date will go when the guy you’re going out with turns out to be a jerk with a horrible fashion taste? Well, it isn’t that tricky to picture out the whole thing.

Now while I won’t be revealing some super-secret technique that will make you ace a first date in a snap, I will share a pointer I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that can help boost your chances of making a woman rather comfortable around you.

And that surely helps get you on track to convincing her to go out with you again anytime soon, don’t you think?

Let me explain what I mean…

Now while I’ve previously pointed out that keeping an eye on your overall grooming is a must when it comes to earning extra brownie points that will help you land a second date with a woman, you can go the extra mile and apply the same viewpoint with the venue that you’re taking her to.

Make it a point to go for places that mostly have pleasing smells and sights to promote a surge of positive hormones in her body. Besides making her feel more comfortable, these hormones also set off key changes in her mood and cordiality.

The woman you’re going out on a first date with won’t be just more open and friendly with you, but will also be more eager to exchange meaningful ideas with you as you go along. How’s that for setting you up for a win-win situation?

But the thing is you don’t have to go for expensive and luxurious venues to achieve this. You can simply have your first date at a local park, an art gallery or perhaps ask her where she thinks would be a great place to have it.

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