This Sexual Trick Will Really Get Her Going In The Bedroom

This Sexual Trick Will Really Get Her Going In The Bedroom

Chances are your top priority when things are getting hot in bed with your wife, girlfriend or lover is giving her a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon. And you’ll need to get her really fired up for lovemaking before you can do just that.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying, though, taking your partner’s sexual arousal off the charts doesn’t involve saying secret words to her while you’re at it in the bedroom or perhaps working your magic on hidden spots on her body.

And you’d have to dish out a lot of cash first before they’ll reveal these to you, too.

Now while proper communication and stimulation are key factors when it comes to prepping up a woman for sex, it isn’t that uncommon that there are a lot of charlatans who won’t hesitate to con you for a buck or two online these days.

But the thing is I’ve learned a trick during my extensive research into the female sexuality that you can use to get your wife, girlfriend or lover really going in bed. Make sure you read on to learn more…

At its simplest, getting a woman fired up for sex is making her body produce and release a surge of positive hormones like oxytocin and dopamine that trigger prominent yet temporary changes in her body.

These changes include a significant increase in her breathing and heart rates, boost in overall blood flow as well as making her skin, particularly in and around the erogenous zones like the breasts, lower abdomen, back of the neck, inner thighs and clitoris, extra sensitive to stimulation.

Interestingly, these hormones also activate a woman’s orgasmic responses as soon as they reach their peak levels.

Now here’s the trick that I was telling you about earlier…

Although this may sound really surprising right now, a woman’s body tends to promote a surge in positive hormones when it just went through a vigorous workout.

Have you ever felt that nice buzz after hiking, jogging, biking or pretty much whatever intense exercise that you engage in? It’s basically the same thing. That’s basically the hormones at work.

And since her body is already close to getting prepped up for a lovemaking session when this takes place, it will be much easier for you to really get her going for some sexual action.

So the next time you’re looking to blow her mind in the bedroom, make it a point to have a bit of exercise with her first. Besides being a nice bonding time for the both of you, you’ll already halfway to knocking her socks off during sex.

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