Don't Do This If You're Looking To Convince Her To Have Anal Sex

Don’t Do This If You’re Looking To Convince Her To Have Anal Sex

I’m pretty sure that having an anal sex session with your wife, girlfriend or lover when the action is getting pretty hot in the bedroom is one of the things that are in your sexual bucket list.

But the thing is you’re still having a tough time convincing your partner to get down and dirty with you in the backdoor until now.

Unlike what a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying, making a woman say yes to a bout of anal sex doesn’t involve super-secret techniques that you’d have to dish out cash first to find out what they are.

I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there is a key mistake most guys tend to make that prevents them from really convincing their partners to have anal sex with them.

And chances are you’re probably guilty of making this one, too. Make sure you follow along to learn what this mistake is…

Let’s kick things off with the fact that women consider anal sex as taboo.

Now while there are women who are game enough to give “entering the exit door,” “cruising down the Hershey highway” and “stretching the starfish” a shot in bed these days, convincing your wife, girlfriend or lover to have anal sex with you isn’t something that you can pull off at the drop of a hat.

See, most guys seem to overlook that trying anal sex during lovemaking is quite a commitment for women. You’ve got to ease your partner into it first or else she won’t be that eager to get the backdoor action going.

(Here’s a great way to fire up her sexual arousal while we’re at it.)

And here’s the mistake that I was telling you about earlier…

The chances that you’re going to convince your wife, girlfriend or lover to have anal sex with you are going to be really slim when you simply talk to her about giving it a shot when you’re already at it in bed.

Your partner’s mood is just going to be ruined because she’ll simply think that you’re pressuring her into doing something that she doesn’t want to. You’ll just end up making her stress levels surge while at it.

The best strategy you can go for is discussing anal sex with her outside the bedroom.

Besides making your wife, girlfriend or lover feel that you’re not duping her into trying something she isn’t ready for, your chances of making her say yes to giving the “Southtown slider” are also going to be much higher because she is not stressed in any way.

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