You Will Come Too Soon If You Do This

You Will Come Too Soon If You Do This

One of the things that’s probably in your sexual checklist is lasting for as long as you can. You’re not just boosting your chances of making your wife, girlfriend or lover achieve orgasm while the action’s hot in bed, but you’re also in for a lot of pleasurable sensations in the process.

However, you’re simply noticing that you are coming way too sooner during lovemaking these days. And it’s already getting you worried that this problem will just become worse sooner or later.

There’s no need to get anxious yet, though. Or perhaps reach for pills, creams, gels and other artificial products that claim to help stave off premature ejaculation. There’s a big possibility that you’re just making a mistake that prevents you from lasting long in the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

Achieving orgasm and ejaculating during a sex session is the finale of a process that gets set off as soon as the brain detects a stimulus that you consider erotic.

It immediately activates the hormone-producing glands to release a more than usual amount of positive hormones that trigger prominent changes in the body for a limited period of time. These changes include increased sensitivity of the skin, a boost in overall circulation as well as heightened heart and breathing rates.

(This is why you need to keep your heart in tiptop shape by making it a habit to exercise in regular basis like jogging, biking and brisk walking while we’re on the subject.)

These positive hormones just keep on building up in the system as you go along. And when they’ve already reached their peak levels, the brain translates this as its cue to initiate your body’s orgasmic and ejaculatory responses.

Now while this may sound surprising, the body is naturally wired to space out the release of these positive hormones so you won’t just find yourself ejaculating before you’ve really experienced all the pleasurable sensations that you ought to have.

Now here’s the mistake that I was telling you about earlier…

Something else happens when you worry that you’re going to experience premature ejaculation before the action starts in bed. It promotes the release of stress hormones that cancel out the activity of their positive counterparts.

Besides affecting the changes that you need to prep up for a lovemaking session, these negative hormones also disrupt the ideal flow of their positive equivalents leading to premature ejaculation.

So the next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already at it in bed, make it a point to avoid worrying. Or you’ll just end up sabotaging yourself to come sooner than you’d like to.

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