This Is The Best Time To Finger Her

This Is The Best Time To Finger Her

Fingering your wife, girlfriend or lover is perhaps one of the best ways to pleasure her when you’re at it in the bedroom.

Apart from having the opportunity to give her most sensitive erogenous zones the TLC that they really deserve, you’ve also got a good chance of giving her an orgasm or two if you do it the right way.

Now while you may already have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to giving your partner a fingering session that she won’t forget anytime soon, I learned a simple technique during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may help make the experience even more amazing for her.

Let me explain what I mean…

For starters, using your fingers to stimulate a woman’s clitoris and vagina gives you two key benefits: first, you’re given free rein to do whatever you want to take her pleasure levels off the charts and second, you won’t find yourself coming sooner than you’d like to while at it.

But the thing is a lot of men mistakenly think that giving their partners an awesome fingering session is all in the digits.

I used to have the same mindset as well until I learned that a woman’s body gives a sign that she’s ready to be fingered and will enjoy the whole thing a lot in the process. And you can easily spot it, too.

So here’s how you pull it off…

The next time you’re looking to finger your wife, girlfriend or lover, make it a point to keep a close eye on her clitoris.

See, your partner’s clitoris tends to puff up when she has already become really fired up for lovemaking. This is because her body directs a more than usual amount of circulation to her pelvic region when she gets sexually aroused.

When this extremely sensitive erogenous zone gets engorged, it means that there’s enough blood flow to produce loads and loads of pleasurable sensations when it’s going to be stimulated.

And it’s also your cue that you can already start your fingering session.

Moreover, working your magic on her clitoris before it’s really ready will just make her feel awkward and uncomfortable. That’s even if you’re already bringing your fingering A-game into play.

Just keep in mind to kick things off slow and easy to really get her in the mood and you’ll be on the right track.

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