This Will Make Her Hate Anal Sex

This Will Make Her Hate Anal Sex

It’s not uncommon for guys to have anal sex in their bedroom bucket list. I’m pretty you’ve got it in yours, too.

Besides the promise of experiencing pleasurable sensations that you’ve never felt before, sexually penetrating your wife, girlfriend or lover in the backdoor also makes you feel that your manliness has reached a whole new level.

So now here’s the situation…

You’ve finally convinced your partner to give anal sex a shot in bed and you’re looking to give her a nice experience. This is to not just show her that backdoor action can be pleasurable for her, but also make sure that she’ll still be up for it the next time you’re feeling rather frisky.

What’s really interesting is I discovered a mistake a lot of guys tend to make during anal sex that can easily make their partners hate it almost immediately. And if you’re aiming to make the whole experience satisfying for your wife, girlfriend or lover, I highly suggest you follow along.

At its simplest, anal sex is perhaps one of the trickiest things you can ever pull off during a lovemaking session.

Apart from all the convincing that you need to do to get her going, you’ve also got to get your hands on a few things like lube (and condoms, depending on her preferences) to ensure her comfort and pleasure while at it.

But the thing is you’re still not done yet.

Besides making certain that your partner is already extremely sexually aroused because it helps get rid of her inhibitions that may be keeping her from trying anal sex in the first place, you’ve also got to gauge her reactions when you’re finally penetrating her anus.

And this brings us to the mistake that I was telling you about earlier…

Most men mistakenly think that sexually penetrating a woman in the anus can be done just like what they see in porn movies: make a beeline to the hole and pump like crazy like there’s no tomorrow.

However, doing this in real life will just lead to disaster because I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that women prefer different angles for stimulation during anal sex.

It’s possible that your wife, girlfriend or lover prefers to be sexually penetrated in the anus straight to the center, a bit to the right or perhaps slightly to the left. This is because the sensitive nerve endings that can produce pleasurable sensations are placed differently in every woman.

And hitting the wrong ones right on the get-go could easily give her the notion that anal sex is horrible, which basically means game over for you.

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