This Oral Sex Trick Is Sure To Make Her Come

This Oral Sex Trick Is Sure To Make Her Come

Going down on your wife, girlfriend or lover is no doubt one of the best strategies to go for when things are already heating up in the bedroom. It doesn’t just give your partner loads and loads of pleasurable sensations when you do it properly, but also boost her chances of reaching the Big O as you go along.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that she’s finding it rather tricky to achieve an orgasm during oral sex these days. And that’s even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play while at it, too.

The whole thing is already getting you frustrated because it’s as if you are getting the notion that you’re losing your oral sex touch. There’s no need to get upset just yet, though. I’ll share a trick I learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality shortly that may perhaps help you fix this problem.

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You’re basically missing out on a lot if you don’t orally stimulate your wife, girlfriend or lover down under when the action’s already getting hot in bed. Besides giving her loads and loads of pleasurable sensations that will blow her mind, you’re also in for an explosive orgasm along the way.

However, a lot of men tend to overlook the fact that there are some key factors to consider when it comes to pulling off just that. Apart from making sure that your partner is completely sexually aroused, keeping in mind not to make a beeline to the clitoris and stimulate it like there’s no tomorrow is a priority as well.

Speaking of things to take note of during oral sex, here’s a trick that I was telling you about earlier…

Most guys are inclined to think that their primary goal when they’re going down on their partners is making them come and not making them feel good. Sure this sounds surprising right now, but this mindset basically makes you feel pressured, which raises your anxiety levels.

And when you feel anxious, the stress hormone levels in your body surge. You’re just going to end up feeling impatient and in a hurry. Well, you already have an idea of how your oral sex session will turn out.

So the next time you go down on your wife, girlfriend or lover, make it a point to prioritize giving her as much pleasurable sensations as you can instead of making her come. You’re sure to notice a lot of difference – especially from her reactions – during the experience.

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