Your Wife Will Be More Inclined To Have Anal Sex If You Do This

Your Wife Will Be More Inclined To Have Anal Sex If You Do This

If you’re anything like most men, chances are giving anal sex a shot in the bedroom is one of the things that are in your lovemaking checklist. Besides promising a lot of sensations that you’ve never felt before, simply thinking of getting the action going in the backdoor also fires up your libido in no time.

But here’s the situation…

You’re just noticing that you still haven’t convinced your wife, girlfriend or lover to give anal sex a go when the both of you are already heating things up in bed until now. And you’ve already pulled out all the stops like bringing your A-game into play when stimulating her erogenous zones just to make her say yes to the whole thing.

Sure this may be rather frustrating, but there’s a possibility that you still haven’t done a particular foreplay move that could sway her into having anal sex with you. Make sure you read on to find out what this is…

At its simplest, anal sex can be defined as a type of sexual activity in which the anus is penetrated by the penis.

Now while the stimulation that a guy can experience during the same is quite similar to vaginal sex, the sensations that can be experienced while at it are quite different due to the distinct feel of the anus.

This is the biggest reason why a lot of men have anal sex in their lovemaking bucket list and I’m pretty sure that this is why you’re looking to convince your wife, girlfriend or lover to give it a go as well.

However, I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that most women tend to view anal sex as something taboo and dirty, which easily prevents them from trying it no matter how much convincing and prodding are given by their partners.

What’s really interesting is I’ve also learned that most guys tend to convince their partners to try anal sex by simply describing how it feels like instead of actually making them experience the pleasurable sensations that it can give.

So if you’re looking to boost your chances of making your wife, girlfriend or lover give anal sex the green light, keep in mind to include the anus in your list of erogenous zones to stimulate during foreplay or lovemaking.

You can try tickling your partner’s behind with your lips and tongue or perhaps fondle it like you would her breasts and inner thighs. Give her the notion that anal stimulation can be actually fun and you’ll be on the right track to making her say yes to anal sex sooner or later.

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