She's Going To Enjoy Oral Sex With This Trick

She’s Going To Enjoy Oral Sex With This Trick

I’m pretty sure that giving your wife, girlfriend or lover a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon is the top item in your checklist when things are getting hot in the bedroom. And one way of knocking your partner’s socks off when you’re already at it is going down on her.

See, oral sex not just gives you the chance to work your magic on her clitoris, which is no doubt her most sensitive erogenous zone, but also helps you last for as long as you can during lovemaking while keeping her pleasure levels off the charts.

How’s that for a win-win situation?

But the thing is unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, going down on a woman isn’t about making a beeline south of her border as soon as they get the chance and stimulate the erogenous zones in and around them like there’s no tomorrow.

Now while stimulation plays a key role in making these pleasure hotspots produce feel-good sensations, simply bombarding them with stimulation will simply make your wife, girlfriend or lover feel awkward and uncomfortable even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

It’s not just the quantity of your stimulation that matters when you’re giving her oral sex, but also the quality of how you’re doing them.

And I’ve learned a technique during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may help you take the quality of your stimulation up a notch the next time you’re going down on your wife, girlfriend or lover.

Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, oral sex mainly involves stimulating a woman down there with your tongue, lips, mouth and even teeth. If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you use your tongue the most when you’re already getting busy south of her border.

However, there’s also a very big possibility that you only pleasure her with your tongue when it’s pointy so you can easily flick it.

The next time you go down on your partner, keep in mind to use your tongue in every shape and form possible. Besides making it pointy, you can also go for rigid, flat, limp and even roll it into a tube.

This doesn’t just vary the stimulation that your wife, girlfriend or lover experiences, but also keep her anticipating where you’ll go next every second of it, which just makes her more and more sexually excited as you go along.

And if you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that the more sexually excited a woman is during lovemaking, the easier it will be for her to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm while at it.

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