Easily Score A Second Date With This Dating Strategy

Easily Score A Second Date With This Dating Strategy

Unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “dating gurus” are saying these days, going out on a first date with a woman is one of the trickiest things that you’ll go through as a guy. Besides being a new experience each time, it also involves putting your best foot forward without giving your date the notion that you’re desperate or trying too hard.

Keeping this balance in play is crucial or else you could easily see your first date sooner than you’d like to or not getting the results that you’re aiming for. This easily means that your chances of convincing her to go out again with you won’t be that high.

However, I’ve come across an interesting pointer during my extensive research into the female psychology that may help boost your chances of acing a first date. And you don’t have to wear loud clothes and act like the alpha male like these so-called “dating gurus” are suggesting to pull it off, too.

Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, acing a first date mainly involves making a woman feel comfortable and relaxed around you. Just for emphasis, you probably already have an idea what will happen if you show up on your date acting like a jerk with a bad fashion taste.

Now while I’ve previously pointed out that some of the ways of achieving this are asking trivial questions to get a meaningful exchange of ideas going and listening to her intently when she’s sharing her inputs, I discovered during my extensive research into the female psychology that there is another key factor that you should take note of when you’re looking to score a second date.

And this is keeping in mind not to allow yourself to get too nervous when you’re going out with a woman for the first time.

See, getting nervous is rather normal when you’re on a first date with a woman. This is simply your body’s way of saying that you’re excited because you finally got your chance to take a woman you’ve got your eye on out on a date.

But the thing is allowing yourself to get too tense and anxious while at it will already affect you badly during your first date. Besides giving her the notion that your self-confidence levels aren’t up to par, it will also influence the way you talk and move, which will make you lose a lot of brownie points in the process.

So the next time you’re on a first date and feeling a bit nervous, just keep in mind that it’s pretty normal. Instead of trying to fight your nervousness, make it a point to accept it as something you have to work with as you go along.

And speaking of being nervous on a first date, chances are she is feeling the same way, too.

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