Why Your Date Isn't That Eager To Have A Conversation With You

Why Your Date Isn’t That Eager To Have A Conversation With You

I’m really getting disappointed at what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying these days.

Besides stressing that acing a date is no more than just following a few supposedly proven tips, they’re also suggesting that giving the woman you’re out with the notion that she’s with an alpha male easily boosts your chances of convincing her to say yes to Date Number 2.

However, I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there are actually no “proven tips” when it comes to making a date successful. And I also found out that acting like an alpha male is simply synonymous to “being a jerk.”

Put two and two together and you can easily have an idea of how your date will go.

But the thing if you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know how important it is to engage the woman you’re on a date with in a meaningful conversation to establish a connection with her, which is a crucial factor in terms of acing the whole thing.

Apart from encouraging your date to share things about her, which you can use to your advantage to dazzle her as you go along, getting her talking also helps make her feel more relaxed and comfortable around you. How’s that for two for two?

The problem is you’re finding it rather tricky to break the ice with her during your date.

There’s no need to worry just yet, though. I’m going to share one interesting thing I discovered during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just help you fix this problem.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, women basically think of dates as social events where they can make new friends. And naturally, they’d like to have casual conversations to start the ball rolling when it comes to exchanging meaningful ideas.

Guys generally believe that kicking things off with a subject that’s complicated and technical gives their date the idea that they’re intelligent. Now while women do think that smart is sexy, opening a conversation this way will only make her feel that you’re trying too hard.

Keep in mind that a much smarter way to go is asking trivial questions to get her going. Besides asking what TV series she’s following nowadays, you can also ask her the name of her first pet. Sure this sounds a bit simplistic, but you’ll be surprised with the results when you include this one in your dating checklist.

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