Is Your Mustache Making Oral Sex Uncomfortable For Your Lover?

Is Your Mustache Making Oral Sex Uncomfortable For Your Lover?

I’m pretty sure that oral sex is one of the top items in your sexual checklist when things get hot in the bedroom. And if it isn’t, you’re definitely missing out on a lot when it comes to giving your wife, girlfriend or lover a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

See, besides having the opportunity to pleasure your partner’s clitoris, which is no doubt her most sensitive erogenous zone, going down on her when the two of you get frisky in bed also helps stave off premature ejaculation.

Now while you may already have a go-to guide of the things your wife, girlfriend or lover enjoys when you explore the south of her border, you’re simply noticing that she doesn’t enjoy oral sex like she used to these days.

Although this may be rather frustrating, there’s no need to worry just yet, though. It doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch in terms of knocking her socks off when you go down on her as well. If you’re wearing one, chances are your mustache is to blame.

Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, the clitoris contains approximately more than twice the amount of sensitive nerve endings compared to the ones that you can find in and around the penile region. That basically gives you an idea how much pleasurable sensations your partner can experience when you stimulate this erogenous zone the right way.

However, akin to all erogenous zones, the clitoris also needs a sufficient amount of time to get ready for action.

It’s either going to produce less than the amount of pleasurable sensations that it’s capable of or perhaps make your wife, girlfriend or lover feel uncomfortable or even annoyed if you get busy on it before it’s prepped up to really get going.

Now here’s why your mustache may be making oral sex uncomfortable for her…

Even if you’re very careful when you go down on your partner, there is a very big possibility that your mustache will get in contact with her clitoris one way or another. And if wayward hairs repeatedly hit this erogenous zone before it’s totally ready to produce pleasurable sensations, her oral sex experience won’t be as enjoyable like you wanted.

Although I’m not saying that you should totally swear off wearing a mustache if you’re looking to give your wife, girlfriend or lover an enjoyable oral sex session, just make it a point to keep it as properly trimmed as you can to prevent it from derailing your efforts while you’re working your magic down under.

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