This Habit Can Put Your Erections At Risk

This Habit Can Put Your Erections At Risk

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you consider your ability to get strong and lasting erections going as one of your biggest assets. And you can’t even imagine the least what would happen if you lose this ability, right?

Sure you don’t find it the least tricky to rise up to the occasion when things get hot in the bedroom these days, but there is a very big possibility that you’ve got a habit that can easily keep you from achieving a strong and lasting erection in the long run.

Make sure you follow along to find out what this habit is so you can protect the strength and quality of your erections as much as you can…

Let’s start things off by having a quick rundown of the process that happens inside your body so you can achieve a hard-on. It begins when the brain detects a stimulus that gets you fired up. This could be activated by something you see, hear, smell or touch.

Next, the brain sends a message to the hormone-producing glands to release a surge of positive hormones that trigger effects that get you on your way to become sexually aroused. These effects include increased breathing and heart rate, as well as a boost in your overall circulation.

And this change in your circulation is crucial because the erectile tissues in the penis need to absorb a certain level of blood flow to firm up. When they finish absorbing the right amount of blood they need, you get rock hard.

However, this process gets disrupted when you have the habit of smoking in a regular basis.

See, your everyday cigarette basically contains several toxic chemicals that don’t just wreak havoc on your lungs and respiratory system, but also cause the linings of your blood vessels to be inflamed. And if this inflammation isn’t taken care of properly, you’ll be prone to a lot of problems including hypertension and erectile problems.

In short, you’ll either be having weak erections that are going to fizzle out sooner than you’d like to or perhaps not get hard at all. Definitely not a win-win situation, if you ask me.

It still isn’t too late if you’re still lighting up these days.

You simply have to work out a plan that will help you completely quit this bad habit, load up on healthy stuff as well as exercise regularly and you’ll be on your way to really protect the strength and quality of your erections.

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