What To Do When She's Having PMS

What To Do When She’s Having PMS

If your wife, girlfriend or lover is anything like most women, she probably has her period each month. And before her “Aunt Flo” gets to drop by, chances are she’s going to go through Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), a condition that a lot of guys seem to be rather clueless about.

Now while I’m not saying that I’ve become a total expert on the subject of PMS, I came across a very interesting thing during my extensive research into the female psychology that you’re sure to find useful the next time your partner’s going to “surf  the crimson wave” in a few days.

Let me explain what I mean…

I’d like to start things off by giving you a quick rundown on what PMS really is. At its simplest, it is a condition that women go through before having their period that affects them emotionally, mentally and physically.

Unlike what most men mistakenly think, PMS is not the same as the time as when your wife, girlfriend or lover is already menstruating. It happens about a week or two before her period actually starts. And dealing with your partner could get a little rough during this time, unless you know how to manage her like you should.

See, a woman’s body experiences drastic fluctuations in her hormonal levels prior to menstruation. This is the reason why she seems to be feeling antsy most of the day and her mood swings are simply off the charts.

Now while the most practical strategy to go for is to avoid her as much as you can, this is the time when she really needs your support the most. And here’s the useful thing that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology I was telling you about earlier…

The next time you’re feeling that your partner is going through PMS, keep in mind to make her feel as positive as you can to offset the amount of negative hormones in her body with their positive counterparts. The former are the ones that raise her anxiety levels, disrupt her mood and make her uncomfortable.

You can pull this off by verbally expressing that you’re in this experience with her as well as sending your wife, girlfriend or lover uplifting text messages to give her the notion that you’ve got her back during this rather tricky time.

You can also express your support by giving your partner an awesome kissing session to remind her that you still think of her as very attractive, which is one of the psychological effects that the hormonal imbalances during PMS tend to trigger.

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