An Anal Sex No-No You Should Keep In Mind Always

An Anal Sex No-No You Should Keep In Mind Always

I’m pretty sure that doing the deed in the backdoor with your wife, girlfriend or lover is one of the things that are in your sexual bucket list.

Besides the promise of making you experience new and exciting sensations when you’re already at it in the bedroom, simply thinking about having anal sex with your partner is sure to turn you on if you’re anything like most guys as well.

But the thing is you’re still having a tough time convincing your wife, girlfriend or lover to give anal sex a go until now. And you’re already getting really frustrated because you are also starting to think that you’ll never have the opportunity to sexually penetrate her anus when things get hot in bed.

Sure always getting rejected when you ask your partner to try anal sex can be rather frustrating, but I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality a mistake that most men inadvertently make when convincing their partners to get down and dirty through the backdoor.

And this could be the same mistake that keeps you from making her say yes to anal sex.

Make sure you follow along to find out what this mistake is to boost your chances of getting her go-ahead the next time you’re looking to convince her to give anal sex a shot during lovemaking…

See, anal sex is still rather taboo to most women these days.

Now while it’s a fact that there are already women who include being sexually penetrated in the anus in their bedroom checklist these days, there are a lot of them who still think that it’s something that they should keep clear of because of a number of reasons.

Apart from the issue of hygiene, these women are also hesitant to try anal sex because they believe that it’s going to be really uncomfortable and they won’t find it even the least pleasurable in any way.

And now for the mistake I was telling you about earlier…

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I learned that most men tend to get rejected when they ask their partners to try anal sex because they only discuss it either when they’re already in the bedroom or in the middle of lovemaking.

And you’ll just end up being turned down by your wife, girlfriend or lover no matter how well you explain anal sex to her and the pleasurable sensations that it can give her. This is because she’ll just feel pressured to try something she doesn’t want to in the first place.

Make it a point to discuss anal sex with her outside the bedroom. You could bring it up when you’re having a casual conversation. Sure it could take a long time before she says yes, but at least you’re already on your way to getting the green light.

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