Keep This In Mind During A First Date

Keep This In Mind During A First Date

One of the things that really irk me is the stuff that so-called “pickup artists” are saying when it comes to acing a first date.

Apart from suggesting that wearing loud clothes is a must to really get the attention of the woman you’re going out with for the first time, they also recommend acting like the alpha male to make her feel safe and protected during your date.

But the thing is following this strategy will only set you up for disaster during your first date.

Put yourself in the shoes of the woman you’re going out on a first date with for a jiffy. How do you think your date will go the moment you realize that you’re having a date with a guy with a very bad taste in fashion and acts like a complete tool?

Well, there’s your answer.

Now that we’ve established how disastrous it is to follow the advice of so-called “pickup artists,” here’s a useful tip I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that will surely help you get on the right track to boosting your chances of acing a first date.

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If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that one of the things that should be on your checklist when you’re going out with a woman for the first time is establishing an emotional connection with her.

Besides giving her a sincere compliment and engaging her in a meaningful discussion by asking trivial questions, there’s also one thing that you should keep in mind if you’re looking to convince her to go out with you on date number two.

And this is keeping your hands as visible as you can during your first date. You can simply put them on the table where she can easily see them or perhaps prominently clasp them in front of you for a more sophisticated touch.

Sure this sounds rather surprising right now, but this actually sends the woman you’re going out with a subconscious message that you’ve got nothing to hide and you’re being honest with her, which promotes the release of positive hormones in her body.

She won’t just feel more relaxed and comfortable around you during your first date, but she’s also going to be more eager to exchange ideas with you in the process. How’s that for two for two?

This simply means that it’s easier to make her say yes to a second date.

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