One Simple Trick To Prevent Ejaculating Prematurely

One Simple Trick To Prevent Ejaculating Prematurely

Chances are lasting for as long as you can in the bedroom is a top item in your sexual checklist. Besides boosting your chances of giving your wife, girlfriend or lover an overload of pleasurable sensations that will blow her mind during your sex session, you’re also in for a lot of excitement yourself while at it.

However, you’re simply noticing that you seem to go off sooner than you’d like to during lovemaking these days. And it’s already getting you worried that you’re losing your sexual touch and you’re destined to experience premature ejaculation each time you’re doing the deed in bed from now on.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, premature ejaculation is something every sexually capable man is prone to go through occasionally in his life. It isn’t caused by how old you are or when you’ve reached a certain number of sexual partners.

Sure this sounds rather surprising right now, but premature ejaculation is something natural and you don’t need to get your hands on pills, gels, creams and other artificial products to stave it off, too.

I’ve learned a simple trick during my extensive research into the male sexuality that will surely help you last longer the next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are heating things up in the bedroom.

Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, your body’s orgasmic and ejaculatory responses are regulated by the positive hormones that get released during sexual arousal. These hormones accumulate while you and your partner are getting busy in bed and promptly trigger these responses as soon as they reach a certain level, which is also called as your “sexual peak.”

This basically means that if you’re able to hold off your sexual peak during lovemaking, you can keep premature ejaculation at bay.

Now here’s the trick that I was telling you about earlier…

The next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are at it in the bedroom, make it a point to disrupt your sexual peak by temporarily focusing on something that is non-sexual in nature. It could be mentally counting the number of pillows that you have, checking out the creases in the sheets or perhaps tuning into an outside sound or two.

Just keep in mind to do this from time to time during lovemaking and you’ll be surprised how long you’ll be able to last – and really knock your partner’s socks off in the process.

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