A Simple Trick To Really Get Her Wet

A Simple Trick To Really Get Her Wet

I’m pretty sure that getting your wife, girlfriend or lover really wet when things are already sizzling hot in the bedroom is one of the top priorities in your lovemaking checklist.

Besides ensuring that she’s completely in the zone for a sex session, making her achieve orgasm as you go along also won’t be as tricky when her love juices are simply oozing down there. And the pleasurable sensations that you’re going to experience are also going to be off charts as well.

Although you may already have an idea how to get your partner going in bed to start up the waterworks south of her border, I learned a very useful tip during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will help you intensify her wetness when the two of you are already getting frisky.

Let me explain what I mean…

Your partner’s wetness is basically the result of a surge in positive hormones like oxytocin and dopamine in her body when her brain detects a stimulus that turns her on. It could be triggered by a kinky thought, say a sexual fantasy that she has, or perhaps a well-timed sensual touch in one of her erogenous zones.

The higher the levels of these positive hormones are, the more sexually aroused she will become and the wetter she’ll get in the process as well. Now we’ve got covered, here’s the tip that I was telling you about earlier…

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I learned that a woman’s body churns out more positive hormones when her imagination is through the roof. Apart from making her skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones, extra sensitive to stimulation, she also won’t find it tricky to get really wet to get ready for sexual penetration.

And I also discovered that one simple way of heightening a woman’s imagination is deliberately blindfolding her when the action’s already hot in the bedroom. Apart from using an eye mask for sleeping, you can also for a tie, hanky, scarf or whatever soft, elongated fabric you may have.

See, besides the actual stimulation that you’re giving your wife, girlfriend or lover, you’re also keeping her on her toes guessing which part of her body you’ll be focusing on next and how you’ll pleasure them.

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