A Simple Pointer To Last Longer In The Bedroom

A Simple Pointer To Last Longer In The Bedroom

Keeping your sexual stamina up to par is a must if you’re looking to really knock a woman’s socks off when things get hot in the bedroom.

Sure you may have the best lovemaking techniques up your sleeve while you’re already at it, but you won’t be able to give her a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon if your lasting power has a rather short fuse.

Now while I emphasized in an earlier post that making it a point to vigorously exercise in a regular basis is one thing you should keep in mind to boost your sexual stamina, I’ll walk you through another way to pull off the same when you follow along…

At its simplest, what you load up on each day can either nourish you and make you a better lover or perhaps significantly upset your performance in bed before you know it. And I learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality that consuming more salt than your body needs daily can put your lasting power at risk of fizzling out sooner or later.

See, salt is no doubt one of the essentials a decent kitchen can never do without. Besides its unique ability to add flavor to whatever stuff you’re whipping up, it can be also used as a natural culinary preservative. No wonder it’s a mainstay in all households the globe across.

Although the body is able to absorb salt, use up its nutritional value and get rid of it when consumed moderately, this kitchen and dining room staple can already set off a nasty side effect when excessively used.

Loading up on too much salt each day disrupts the function of the blood vessels, which are the body’s frontline in distributing vital components like blood and nutrients throughout the system. This results in a sharp drop in your energy and endurance reserves, which also leads to a weakened sexual stamina.

Sure this sounds a bit surprising right now, but unlike their bigger cousins, namely the veins and arteries, the blood vessels are the ones that reach into the places where the former can never get to. Now while they may be small, the area they cover is much larger than what the arteries and veins are in charge of.

(And while we’re on the subject, it makes you prone to erectile dysfunction as well.)

And when these blood vessels aren’t functioning like they should, you’ll just be in for a rather unpleasant surprise the next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already getting frisky in bedroom.

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