This Simple Mistake Puts You At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

This Simple Mistake Puts You At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

Having the ability to get rock hard on demand means that you are not just prepped up to give your wife, girlfriend or lover a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon, but you’re also in for a lot of pleasurable sensations when the action starts in the bedroom.

Now while you don’t find it tricky to rise up to the occasion and keep an erection long enough to knock your partner’s socks off during lovemaking these days, I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality that there’s a simple mistake that can easily make you vulnerable to erectile dysfunction in the long run.

And there’s even a chance that you’re making this erection-sapping mistake yourself. Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, getting an erection is the result of a process that gets set off as soon as the brain detects a stimulus that gets you sexually aroused. It begins with the brain stimulating the hormone-producing glands to temporarily increase its release of positive hormones that triggers key changes in the body when let loose in the body.

Besides picking up your heart and breathing rates, it also directs a more than usual amount of blood flow to the pelvic region, where a significant amount of it is directed to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up. The moment these erectile tissues absorb the ideal amount of blood they need, an erection is achieved.

But the thing is the muscles in the pelvic region as well as the erectile tissues in the penis are also prone to eventual weakness due to the loss of muscle tone brought on by age. Unless the muscle tone in these areas is kept in good shape, the risk that you’ll suffer from erectile problems in the long run is going to be very high.

And one way of maintaining muscle tone in the pelvic region and the erectile tissues in the penis is regular masturbation. You can think of it as “exercising” the muscles and tissues down there so they’ll stay functioning properly.

So if you’re not masturbating as frequently as you can, you could be in for some problems achieving strong and lasting erections in the long run. This is also the mistake that I was telling you about earlier.

Just as I pointed out in a previous post how regular exercise is crucial in keeping your sexual stamina up to par, making masturbation a mainstay in your schedule is also a must to ensure that you’re going to rise up to the occasion each time you and your partner are getting frisky in bed.

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