Why You're Not Connecting With Your Date

Why You’re Not Connecting With Your Date

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that acing a date isn’t something that can just be pulled off by acting the alpha male and dressing up as loudly as possible like what a lot of so-called “pickup artists” are saying.

Besides keeping an eye on your overall grooming and arriving on time for your date, establishing a connection with the woman you’re out with is also a crucial factor if you’re looking to make the whole thing successful.

Now while we’ve previously discussed how breaking the ice by asking trivial questions is one way to do it, I’d like to point out a mistake that a lot of men seem to overlook that’s preventing them from really connecting with their dates.

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During my extensive research into the female psychology, I learned that communication is one of the things that women keep an eye on when it comes to dates. Besides being one of the ways that they can get to know a guy better when they’re going out with him, women also use this as a tool to measure if he’s fun and exciting to be with.

However, what’s really interesting is it’s still not a guarantee that you’ll get the job done even if you’ve already got an impressive list of anecdotes, jokes and other stuff up your sleeve to use during your date.

No matter how good your gift of gab is, you’re just setting yourself up for disaster sooner or later if you don’t make it a point to listen intently at the woman you’re out with, which is the mistake that I was pointing out earlier.

See, a lot of men tend to find themselves talking more than they ought to during a date. This is because they’re trying to do away with awkward pauses and breaks in the conversation they’re having with the woman they are out with.

Sure these awkward pauses and breaks can be rather annoying especially when you’re looking to get ideas across, but it’s completely normal to have them as you go along because there is no such thing as a perfect conversation on a date. Your words will only sound forced and uncomfortable if you try to cover them up, too.

Make it a point to only say what you mean when getting a conversation going with your date and give her the chance to share her inputs as you go along as well.

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