Do This When You're Stimulating Her Clitoris To Knock Her Socks Off

Do This When You’re Stimulating Her Clitoris To Knock Her Socks Off

I’m pretty sure that oral sex is on your checklist of priorities when you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already at it in the bedroom. Besides being one of the most effective ways of giving a woman loads and loads of pleasurable sensations, your chances of giving her an orgasm or two while at it are also very high if you do it properly.

And when it comes to oral sex, stimulating the clitoris is definitely a crucial factor in terms of taking your partner’s pleasure levels off the charts.

However, a lot of guys mistakenly believe that pulling the whole thing off only involves zeroing in on this extremely sensitive erogenous zone and get busy at it with their mouth, tongue and lips like there’s no tomorrow.

Now while a woman may still get pleasurable sensations when you stimulate her clitoris this way, it won’t just be not as exciting and satisfying for your partner, but can feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable for her sooner or later, which can prevent her from reaching the Big O as you go along.

But if you’re looking to really knock her socks off the next time you explore south of her border, I’ve learned a simple technique during my extensive research into the female sexuality that will help you give her an oral sex session she won’t forget anytime soon.

Let me explain what I mean…

Most men think that clitoral stimulation is nothing but kissing, licking and sucking at it for a few minutes until a woman achieves an orgasm. Although this is partly true since you need to stimulate clitoris to make it produce pleasurable sensations, going at it using repetitive motions will simply feel flat and dull before you know it.

Sure your wife, girlfriend or lover may quiver and shudder for the first few minutes, but the pleasurable sensations she’s going to experience are going to taper off if you keep on doing the same thing over and over.

Now here’s the trick I was telling you about…

The next time you pleasure your partner’s clitoris, make it a point to stimulate it with your tongue, lips and mouth using your ABC’s and 123’s. Simply trace the alphabet and numbers on her clitoris when you’re doing this.

This basically gives her an overload of pleasurable sensations at once because you’re covering a lot of area and nerve endings in the process. And the more feel-good sensations you’re able to give her, the easier it will be to knock her socks off as you stimulate her clitoris.

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