A Pet Peeve That Can Prevent Her From Getting Frisky In Bed

A Pet Peeve That Can Prevent Her From Getting Frisky In Bed

Unlike guys that can get ready for a lovemaking session at a drop of a hat, the whole process takes a bit longer when it comes to women. Unless your wife, girlfriend or lover is properly fired up for action in bed, chances are she won’t experience the sexual satisfaction that she wants while you’re at it.

And that’s even if you’re already bringing your sexual A-game into play.

Now while the first thing that comes to mind in terms of getting your partner ideally sexually aroused is your lineup of foreplay techniques, a lot of men tend to overlook a crucial factor that can easily break their chances of pulling the whole thing off. There’s even a big possibility that you’re making the same mistake, too.

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If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin play key roles in a woman’s sexual arousal. She’s got to have an ample amount of these hormones for her body to experience the changes that prep her up for lovemaking.

Besides making her breathe faster as well as temporarily increasing her heart rate and blood pressure levels, these positive hormones also make her skin, especially in and around the erogenous like the breasts, back of the neck, inner thighs, clitoris and vagina, extra sensitive than usual.

As long as you play your cards right when the both of you are already getting busy in the bedroom, you’re definitely on your way to knocking her socks off with an orgasm or two as you go along.

But the thing is there’s a pet peeve that all women tend to have that can stimulate their bodies to produce and release stress hormones that won’t just make them feel awkward, impatient and uncomfortable, but also cancel out the effects of their positive counterparts when it comes to sexual arousal.

And this pet peeve is when they see and feel that the bedroom they’re in is dirty and messy.

Sure you may have already lined up the foreplay techniques that your wife, girlfriend or lover likes and prepared some lovemaking moves that she’ll love, but chances are she won’t enjoy them as you’ve expected if she thinks your bedroom needs a bit of cleaning and organizing.

I know this sounds really surprising, but why don’t you try sprucing up your bedroom right now and watch your partner’s reaction when you start putting the moves on her?

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