This Move Can Make You More Confident In No Time

This Move Can Make You More Confident In No Time

While browsing my inbox over the weekend, I came across a message from Ken who shares that he’s finding it rather tricky to become confident, especially during social situations when he is mingling with women.

Ken adds that he thinks this is the reason why he almost always screws up most of his first dates and he also believes that his dating career could be in jeopardy if this problem isn’t going to be fixed soon.

First of all, I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude to you, Ken, for trusting me to help you with your confidence issue. You can be sure that I’ll do my best to help boost your self-confidence with some key lessons I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male psychology.

Now let’s get down to business…

At its simplest, confidence can be defined as the state of mind in which you firmly believe that you are valuable and can contribute positively to others when you establish a relationship with them. This can be applied to your family life, at work and, of course, in the dating scene.

Unlike what so-called “dating gurus” are saying, though, confidence should not be confused with arrogance, which is basically the wrong perception that you’re better in a particular area that you actually are and will only put you in compromising situations sooner or later.

I’ve previously emphasized in an earlier post that making it a point to always keep a close eye on your overall grooming and hygiene is a must if you’re looking to take your confidence up a notch.

This is because simply knowing that you’re looking and smelling like a million bucks increases the amount of positive hormones in your body, which makes you feel happier, more sociable and not having as much anxiety as before that can make you have doubts about yourself most of the time.

With that said, here’s a quick and easy move that can also help improve your confidence levels…

The next time you’re planning to socialize with women or go out with a woman you like on a first date, keep in mind to recite a simple mantra like “I am going to wow her” or “I will be successful” while prepping up.

I know this sounds simplistic, but it actually helps bring down the number of stress hormones in your body, which will only make you feel awkward, apprehensive and worried. The end results are you’ll smile more often, act more comfortably and talk more meaningfully.

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